Event Planning (Self-Service) 

If you are an external client (non-Neuro faculty and staff) you must first complete the Event Proposal Form found here:

Checklist and resources for self-organized events.

  1. Reserve your Room reservation

  • Room set – additional details (i.e. tables, chairs) To add details or clarification to your room booking reservation related to the room set up including tables and chairs, please direct this to pamela.mcgillin [at] muhc.mcgill.ca (Pamela McGillin)
  1. Catering

You may use the caterer of your choice or choose from McGill’s preferred caterers. Upon request, the Events team can recommend trusted caterers at different price points and areas of expertise.

  1. Easels (for posters, directional signs)

If you will need easels for posters or directional signage, please check off “borrow an easel” when you fill in the online room reservation form.

On the day of your event, go to the Security desk located at the main entrance lobby to request your easel. Easels must be returned immediately following your event close. Should easels not be returned, this may restrict your access to easels for future use. Contact debbie.rashcovsky [at] mcgill.ca

  1. Meeting rooms and kitchen facilities access

If the room you have reserved is locked on arrival, contact Neuro Security by telephone at 514-398-5542 or in person at the Security Desk to request that they open the room for you. You should be prepared to present a record of your room reservation, an electronic or hard copy are accepted. Contact Neuro Security 514-398-5542 - mnh.security [at] muhc.mcgill.ca

Kitchen Facilities Guidelines

Neuro Events Kitchen Facilities – Guidelines for Use

De Grandpré Communications Centre and Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre


  • Kitchenettes are locked.
    • On the day of your event, please go to the security desk at main entrance to request access. You should be prepared to present a record (electronic or printed) of your room reservation.
    • Should you need access prior to this point, please contact debbie.rashcovsky [at] mcgill.ca.
  • You must provide your own supplies.
  • Kitchenette must be cleaned following your event:
    1. Do not leave food in the fridge or on the counters
    2. Sinks, counters and floor must be cleaned (cleaning supplies are available)
    3. Remove garbage (to be placed in a large garbage bin located in the adjacent space)
  • The door to the kitchenette must remained closed during your event
  • Upon leaving, please ask Security to lock the door.


Contact: Debbie Rashcovsky, Events Lead

Events, The Neuro

debbie.rashcovsky [at] mcgill.ca


  1. Graphics

Note that all Neuro event communication materials (posters, banners, programs etc) must conform to The Neuro’s graphic standards be approved by communications.neuro [at] mcgill.ca (Neuro Communications) For more information or to request an event graphic, contact Neuro Communications

  1. Advertising Your Event

events.neuro [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Advertising%20event) (Contact Neuro Events) for more information.


  1. Budget template

If needed a Neuro budget template. It may be used as a resource and first step when planning your event.

  1. Virtual platform resource sheet and video tutorial (link)

  1. Speaker information form

To use most effectively, share the link to the form with your speakers and ask them to populate the relevant information.

Visual Identity Guide and Templates

Visual Identity Guide and Templates A UNIFIED BRAND IDENTITY FOR A SINGLE PURPOSE The Neuro signature is the primary expression of our identity and functions as our visual short-hand. Its consistent positioning on all digital and legacy materials signals The Neuro’s “ownership” of each item. The two elements of The Neuro signature are the logo “Neuro” with icon, and the logo nomenclature “Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital”.

The Neuro Visual Identity Guide and Templates are intended for Neuro faculty and staff, and are a resource for developing marketing and communications materials.The logos and design elements within the template files should not be manipulated in any way.

They should never be given to a third party without permission of The Neuro’s Communication

The Neuro logo McGill logoMcGill University Health Centre logoKillam Laureates


The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) is a bilingual academic healthcare institution. We are a McGill research and teaching institute; delivering high-quality patient care, as part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre. We are proud to be a Killam Institution, supported by the Killam Trusts.



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