Graduate Travel Awards

Travel awards are allocated to students in support of travel for research, conference presentations (or performance in Music), field research, archival research and collaborative research outside the university.  Funds are generally not intended for summer programs.

Application deadlines

If a deadline falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted through to the following Monday at 4:00pm.

  • March 15: For travel between May 15th and September 14th
  • June 15: For travel between September 15th and January 14th
  • December 1: For travel between January 15th and May 14th

Decisions will be announced within three weeks of each deadline.

Application process

  • Apply online when you submit your application/proposal to the event itself. Please do not wait until you have been accepted. 
  • You must also apply for travel funding from other available sources (such as CIRMMT, Mobility financial aid supplement if applicable, the AMS, SMT, or Canada Council). Obtain travel funding from your supervisor when possible.  It is expected that Faculty support will be requested only when no other funds are available.
  • If you receive travel support, you must show proof of acceptance and proof of attendance to the event in order for your travel funds to be issued. You must also submit a brief report to the [at] (Dean’s Office) within 2 months of returning from the event.

Amount and disbursement of funds

  • If the award is granted, you will receive 75% of the amount requested in your budget up to $500 for continental travel and $800 for intercontinental travel.
  • Travel funds are released in the form of a scholarship. 
  • If you obtain travel funding from CIRMMT for the event, your Faculty travel funds will be reallocated to another student. Students cannot use CIRMMT and Faculty travel awards for the same event.
  • Funds are distributed evenly across the year.


Students must meet the eligibility criteria at the time of travel and when the award is paid.

  • Graduate students who are presenting their own work at a conference or who have been invited to perform in a workshop, semi-final or final round of a competition, or who are travelling to do research in support of their degree requirements are eligible to apply for Faculty travel support. 
  • All Performance and Research Master’s or Doctoral students in good standing, registered full-time, and not in time limitation or in thesis evaluation may apply.
  • Successful applicants will normally be awarded a Graduate Travel Award only once per academic year (September 1 – August 31). Exceptions may be made if additional funds are available.

Selection criteria

Applications for travel funding are reviewed by the Graduate Program Director. Selection criteria includes:

  • Completeness of the application;
  • Merit;
  • Eligibility;
  • Availability of funds.

Preference in the selection process will be given to Doctoral Students, then Master’s Students. Postdoctoral applications will only be considered on recommendation of the Department Chair and only in very exceptional circumstances.



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