Music Education Ph.D. Admissions

Program Overview

Students in this program explore pedagogical issues pertaining to performance training and music teaching in different studio, classroom, and world contexts.  Original research projects are nurtured through multi-disciplinary seminars, lab experiences, and supervisor mentoring.

Resources and Opportunities

Students benefit from:

  • Links with Music Technology, Faculties of Medicine, Cognitive Psychology, Kinesiology, Physiology, and Education, Teaching and Learning, among others;
  • Collaborative networks with International Global Leadership Program (El Sistema), McGill Conservatory, FACE, Piano in the Schools program, and world-class performers in all music genres, including jazz;
  • Supportive environment of strong undergraduate joint B.Mus/B.Ed. curriculum;
  • Stimulation of multi-disciplinary seminars that nurture dialogue with excellent performers also interested in teaching
  • Multi-disciplinary co-supervision teams;
  • State of the art technology and facilities for studying physiology of performance and modeling best practices.​


Students have received Schulich Graduate Excellence, SSHRC, FRQSC, and BANQ fellowships, won the SSHRC story-telling competition and served as research assistants in inter-disciplinary team research projects with CIRMMT, IPLAI, ICASP, and the El Sistema Project, among others.


Graduates of this program have successful careers in university, research and studio teaching.  They have also become leaders in their communities by using music for social transformation (ie. music programs for senior citizens, students with special needs, in developing countries, etc.).

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