Music Technology M.A. Admissions

Program Overview

The M.A. in Music Technology encourages interaction between musical creation, technology, and research, with an intensive focus on scientific research and development of advanced music technologies.  Students are accepted from a wide range of musical backgrounds and have solid training in math, computer science, acoustics, and experimental psychology. Core seminars include Computer Music, New Media, Musical Acoustics, Digital Signal Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, Synthesis and Gestural Control, Music Information Retrieval and Music Perception and Cognition.  

Students interested in production, should explore the M.Mus. in Sound Recording.


Leaders in their fields, faculty are engaged in novel research spanning the science and technology of music: sound analysis and real-time processing; synthesis and gesture control; digital musical instruments; music information research and digital archives; computational acoustic modeling; music perception and cognition.

For a complete list of Music Technology Area faculty members, visit the area's webpage.

Opportunities and Resources

  • State-of-the-art research laboratories and computing facilities directed by each faculty member and the multidisciplinary and multi-institutional infrastructure of CIRMMT.
  • Music Technology Computer Lab for seminar work.
  • Supportive team environment that includes strong mentoring from doctoral students.
  • Opportunities to present at conferences and participate in multi-authored papers.
  • Environment of musical excellence and international collaboration with composers, performers, and researchers.
  • Digital Composition Studio and state-of-the-art recording environments.


Students in this program have received funding from sources such as: FRQNT, FRQSC, NSERC, SSHRC, CIRMMT Student Awards, McGill Tomlinson, Chinese Scholarship Council, Research Assistantships (supported by supervisor), Science without Borders.


Graduates continue to PhD programs at European and American Universities, research and development positions in companies like Analog Devices, Ableton, Avid, Bombardier Aerospace, Ubisoft, Bang & Olufsen, SRS Labs, and commercial positions related to media technologies (e.g., gaming and audio industries).

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