Music Education M.A. Admissions

Program Overview

The M.A. in Music Education (Thesis or Non-Thesis options) provides an opportunity for studio- and classroom-based teachers, and music educators working in other community settings, to explore current issues in music education and to implement their own research studies.  Seminars introduce foundations of a range of research methodologies and critical thinking skills.   Thesis project enables development of personal interests.

In the Non-Thesis option, expertise in two areas is developed through two written papers.


Experienced faculty focus on the physiological bases of musical performance and community-based music education movements including El Sistema.

Resources and Opportunities

Students benefit from:

  • Leadership opportunities cultivated through connections to Teaching and Learning Services, community outreach programs, the Global Leadership program & El Sistema, Chamber Music Without Borders, McGill Conservatory.
  • Supportive environment of strong undergraduate joint B.Mus/B.Ed. curriculum.
  • Stimulation of multi-disciplinary seminars that nurture dialogue with excellent performers also interested in teaching.
  • State of the art technology for studying physiology of performance and modeling best practices.


Canadian Music Educators National Essay Competition, SSHRC, FQRSC, range of University supported Fellowships, and research assistantships supported by supervisors or associations with education-related movements.


Graduates of the program continue on to doctoral studies at McGill and other North American universities, pursue careers in teaching, arts management, and the music business, among others.

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