Jack Kelly

Academic title(s): 

PhD Candidate

Music Research
Sound Recording
Contact Information
Email address: 
jack.kelly [at] mail.mcgill.ca
Doctoral Student
Current research: 
Jack's thesis research centres on perceptual evaluations of experimental spatial room impulse response convolution techniques, using both channel-based and ambisonic arrays as artificial reverberation tools in immersive music production. Other areas of interest include interactive media, 6DOF capture and rendering, and virtual acoustics to name a few.

Jack received his BFA in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University in 2012, and his M.Mus. in Sound Recording at McGill University in 2016. Jack has been a course instructor at McGill since 2016, and has been an active classical recording engineer since 2013.


Ph.D. Sound Recording

Graduate supervision: 

Supervisor(s): Wieslaw Woszczyk/Richard King

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