Jack Kelly

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Assistant Professor

Jack Kelly
Music Research
Sound Recording
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jack.kelly [at] mcgill.ca

Jack Kelly is a Montréal-based creative professional, spatial audio specialist, and educator, whose passion for music and recorded sound drives his academic and professional pursuits. He is an assistant professor (professional) in the sound recording area of the department of music research at the Schulich School of Music. He teaches graduate-level courses focused on advanced technical ear training, digital studio technologies, electroacoustic measurement, spatial audio post-production techniques, and audio research methods for Ph.D. students. He holds a Ph.D. (2023) and M.Mus (2016) in Sound Recording from McGill University, and a BFA in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University (2012). His thesis research focused on the development and validation of artificial reverberation techniques used as music production tools. Jack’s research interests centre on music production and spatial audio processing techniques for virtual reality and interactive media applications. Through a research-creation approach, he works to collaborate with artists and produce compelling musical experiences using new media, thus contributing to both the technological and aesthetic development of 3D music production. As a recording engineer, his work has been released by labels such as Analekta, Pentatone, Atma, Centerdiscs (Canadian Music Center), and Leaf Music.

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