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McGill Noon-Hour Organ Series: Nathan Mondry

11 Nov 2016 12:30

Hans-Ola Ericsson, coordinator

McGill Jazz Combos

11 Nov 2016 20:00

D. Kennedy, director

Bassoon Day

12 Nov 2016 09:00

Join us for the 15th annual Bassoon Day at McGill! This year’s special guest is William Buchman, associate principal bassoonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  

We look forward to seeing you at Bassoon Day! For more information, contact stephane [dot] levesque [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Stéphane Lévesque).


Bassoon Day Concert

12 Nov 2016 17:00

Stéphane Lévesque, bassoon

Masterclass: Karen Donnelly, trumpet

13 Nov 2016 15:30

R. Stoelzel, coordinator

CANCELLED - Concert: Karen Donnelly, trumpet

13 Nov 2016 19:30

R. Stoelzel, coordinator

McGill Jazz Combos

14 Nov 2016 20:00

A. Strauss, director

Piano Tuesdays

15 Nov 2016 15:30

Marina Mdivani, coordinator

Grant & Project Writing Session 2 for Master's Students

15 Nov 2016 17:30

with Laura Risk and Jason Noble

Innovative Careers after a Music Degree: Panel discussion and movie screening

15 Nov 2016 19:00

Study of music can lead in many directions in a world where the music business is constantly changing. What do music students do once they graduate? Five graduates from the Schulich School of Music will tell us about their careers and challenges after graduation, and the entrepreneurial spirit that led them to where they are today. What place does performance have in their lives?...