Schulich at TUJF and l'OFF Jazz festivals


Published: 6Sep2018
The Plastic Waste band featuring Schulich alumni and students John Buck, Matt Schultz, Christopher Edmondson, Claire Devlin and leader Ethan Cohn.

Jazz festivals don't only happen in the summer, and our faculty, students, and alumni are still keeping busy with appearances at different events in the fall. Two such upcoming festivals, the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival and l'Off Jazz, feature a significant number of Schulich-related artists as group leaders or bandmembers, which we've compiled in two lists below. 

Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival (Sept. 4 – 8)

For the fourth consecutive year, the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival will showcase young talent from universities and colleges in Ontario, Quebec and beyond. Schulich students (and several alumni) will be performing during the final day of the festival on Sept. 8, 2018, in Mel Lastman Square:

View the full TUJF lineup here.


L'OFF Jazz Festival (between Oct. 3 – 13)

The 19th edition of l’Off Jazz features tons of Schulich-related events – out of the 22 concerts in the eight days of music, 17 feature Schulich faculty, students or alumni. That’s 77% of the total programming! Notable in the lineup are two concerts featuring drummer Prof. John Hollenbeck, Jazz Area Chair at Schulich, and a free masterclass with guitarist Ben Monder at Schulich.

Oct. 5

Oct. 6

Oct. 7

Oct. 10

Oct. 11

Oct. 12

Oct. 13

View the full Off Jazz festival lineup here.