Greg Cohen: A Listening Guide

Having performed with artists like Woody Allen and Tom Waits, Cohen's bass playing covers serious musical ground

For over forty years, Greg Cohen has contributed his bass playing to countless recordings and live performances, with credits ranging from a documentary featuring Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band to nine Tom Waits albums. In advance of his residency at Schulich on October 1 and 2 as a Catherine Thornhill Steele Visiting Artist, we've assembled a list of some of our favourite recordings featuring the seasoned bassist in the list below.

"Robbin's Nest" from Golden State - Greg Cohen/Bill Frisell

"Jersey Girl" from Heartattack and Vine - Tom Waits

Charms of the Night Sky (live) - Dave Douglas

"You're My Thrill" from Holly Cole - Holly Cole 

"In the Darkest Place" from Painted from Memory - Elvis Costello

"Beeroth" from Live in Sevilla 2000 - John Zorn

"Lonesome Blues" from Wild Man Blues - Woody Allen & His New Orleans Jazz Band

"Come to Me, Nina" from another Hand - David Sanborn


Greg Cohen Residency at the Schulich School of Music: 

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