Darrell Green joins Schulich faculty 

Jazz drummer Darrell Green brings his considerable knowledge and skill to Schulich in his new role as assistant professor
Image by Susan Mah.

Innovative drummer Prof. Darrell Green is one of the most sought-after drummers on today’s jazz scene. A prolific sideman, bandleader, educator, clinician, composer and producer, he developed his mastery in the heart of Oakland, California. Schulich students will have the opportunity to work with him through practical instruction and jazz combo coachings for the Fall and Winter terms where his ability to converse in every genre from straight-ahead jazz to Latin and West African music will be warmly welcomed.  

Having toured and recorded extensively, he is known for his effortless, masterful technique and captivating rhythms that bring the music to life, taking audiences on a spiritual journey. 

Prof. Green has developed a style rooted in modern post-bop, while retaining elements of his gospel and classical lineage. His strong desire and mission to give back to the community has led him to conduct masterclasses, clinics, workshops, and residencies at educational institutions, universities, and cultural centers all around the world. In 2017, along with Prof. Camille Thurman, Prof. Green was a recipient of the American Music Abroad Cultural Ambassador Program touring 5 countries in Africa (Senegal, Mozambique, Cameroon, Nigeria and Mauritania). 

In response to the mentorship he received as a young drummer, Prof. Green has a strong commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. To aspiring musicians he has said, "Always have fun and fall in love with music and your instrument. As you develop the skills on your instrument also learn how to play music. Study and gain as much knowledge as possible. Live life to the fullest and play your experiences through the music." 

In advance of the coming semester, we spoke with Prof. Green over email to discuss what he's looking forward to at Schulich, his teaching philosophy, and what mentorship means to him. 

What are you most looking forward to your new position at the Schulich School of Music?  

I’m looking forward to helping students on their musical journey and passing along some of the wisdom and knowledge that I’ve gained along the way. I’m also looking forward to what I can learn during this process of sharing. 

What would a goal of yours be for this year?  

A goal of mine this year would be getting to know the faculty, staff and students at the Schulich School of Music and seeing how I can best complement the music education program. 

What are some elements that are important to your teaching philosophy?  

Technique and beauty. 

What do you want your students to leave Schulich knowing?  

I want my students to leave knowing that they always have someone that they can turn to to help them when in doubt and I want them to have the understanding of being able to express their life experiences through Music. To be a jazz musician is a way of life. 

If you had a mantra/philosophy/phrase for where you are right now, what would it be?  

Buckle up and trust God through it all. 

What is a key feature in enabling to best kind of music-making and music-learning experience?  

Being open. 

What does mentorship mean to you?   

Mentorship to me is to guide, to encourage, to share experiences, to listen, to look out for, to help excel, to prepare, to advise, to empathize and to motivate. 

What’s on your “Must” list for Montreal?  

Learn French. 

Is there a song you could listen to on repeat for an entire weekend?  

John Coltrane’s live version of “Bye Bye Blackbird” 

Is there a tune you would be happy to play every concert?  

It’s according to the band I’m playing with at that time. 

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