Schulich Release Radar: January 2020

Newly discovered Vivaldi sonatas, debut albums, and a symphony for a thousand - January saw many unique releases from members of the Schulich community.

With many diverse new music releases, the year 2020 is off to a wonderful start! From Vivaldi to Schumann to electronic jazz, read below to find out more about some of the fantastic new music put out by our Schulich alumni, faculty, and students.

Vivaldi: Manchester Sonatas – Mark Fewer, Hank Knox (Leaf Music) 
Released January 17, 2020

Current professor Hank Knox collaborates with former Schulich faculty Mark Fewer on the first Canadian recording of Vivaldi’s Manchester Sonatas. Featuring intricate melodies, forms, and harmonic complexities, the recently discovered Manchester sonatas represent the true artistry of Vivaldi’s chamber music. Named after the place in which they were discovered only fifty years ago, these sonatas allow the performers with ample opportunity for creativity. The melodies are imaginatively ornamented by Fewer, with Knox expertly improvising the harmony of the bass in the most supportive way. Listen to these sonatas, as they are brought to life by these elegant performers.   

Learn more about these sonatas and take a listen here:

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 8 – Yannick Nezet-Seguin and the Philadelphia Orchestra (Deutsche Grammophon) 
Released January 17, 2020

Honorary doctorate Yannick Nézet-Séguin leads the Philadelphia Orchestra in Mahler’s epic Symphony No. 8, recorded in 2016, on the 100th anniversary of the symphony’s United States premiere. Frequently known as the “Symphony for a Thousand”, this recording featuring the orchestra, chorus, and soloists, bring the ensemble numbers to 420. This epic, redemptive symphony is truly a work to behold, and Nézet-Séguin powerfully leads the orchestra in this sublime, moving performance.   

Experience the multitudes of sound here:

Max Bruch: 8 Pieces, Op. 83 - Philon Trio (Analekta) 
Released January 24, 2020

These beautiful, rich pieces for clarinet, viola, and piano, are a true expression of Romantic innovation. Recorded by the prize-winning Philon Trio, consisting of Schulich alumni clarinetist David Dias da Silva (ArtDip ‘16), violist Adam Newman, and pianist Camilla Kohnken, Bruch’s endearing  “8 Pieces Op. 83” features eighth character pieces, all but one in minor keys, that highlight the mellow, rich sounds of the instruments featured. The undulating piano accompaniment lends itself to the engaging conversation between the clarinet and viola throughout each of the movements. This luscious, contemplative work is beautifully explored by the Philon Trio is truly a treat for the ears. In addition, Schulich alumnus and former course lecturer James Clemens-Seely (BMus '08, MMus '10) was the senior recording engineer for this album, with current MMus student Alex Bohn providing some editing. 

Listen to the first of these eight pieces here:

Mozart: Piano Concertos No. 22, 24 – Charles Richard-Hamelin, Les Violons du Roy (Analekta)  
Released January 31, 2020

This new release marks pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin (BMus ‘11) sixth album with Analekta, and his first recording with Les Violons du Roy, as they take on Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 22 in C minor, and No. 24 in E-flat major. These concerti balance each other well with their relative keys and under the direction of conductor Jonathan Cohen, Hamelin’s masterful, expressive playing is supported with the utmost grace from the ensemble.  

Enjoy this wonderful collaboration and take a listen to the thrilling third movement of the Piano Concerto No. 22 in E flat major:

One – Vanille Paitier Debray (BA ‘18, Qualifying Year ‘18) 
Released January 25, 2020

Vanille Paitier Debray (BA ‘18, Qualifying Year ‘18) is a French singer-songwriter who moved to Montreal to pursue her music studies at McGill. For her debut album “One”, Vanille has collaborated with several members of the Schulich community. Instrumentalists include Alex Dobson (MMus '19) on bass, Cole Barbour (BMus '17, MMus '19) and Nigel Ali-Digweed (current MMus) on guitar, Clara Troje (BMus '19) on clarinet, Marika Fellegi (BMus '14), Audrey Palmer Steinhauser (current BA) on violin, Arie Kharasch (current BA) on viola, and Titouan Paitier Debray (current BA) on drums. Additionally, this album was recorded and produced by Ben Creelman (Bmus '18, current MMus) and mastered by Jack Kelly (MMus '16, current PhD). Vanille’s smooth voice, delicate instrumentals, all coupled with her thoughtful lyrics, renders “One” an elegantly contemplative listen. Infused with hints of bluesy soul, ‘I’ll Follow You’ highlights the heartfelt and earnest expression of her songwriting prowess, while ‘Broken Dice’ illustrates an understated yet gracefully poignant artist at the piano.  

You can listen to 'I'll Follow You' here:

Atmosphere – Cedric de Saint-Rome  
Released January 10, 2020

Released on January 10, 2020, “Atmosphere” by Cedric de Saint-Rome is an upbeat song that combines aspects of a variety of different genres. Inspired by the cool atmosphere of the summer sky, this song is infused with funky effects and jazzy overtones, giving it a fun, upbeat groove perfect for relaxing, partying, or anything in between. 

Listen to "Atmosphere" on Spotify


That’s all for our January Release Radar! And don’t forget – if you’re part of the Schulich community and are looking forward to a February release, let us know to be featured in next month’s Release Radar! Email us at [at]

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