Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Option

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option may be used only for the following groups of courses:

  • Complementary Studies courses (Group A Impact of Technology on Society and Group B Humanities and Social Sciences, Management Studies and Law)
  • Natural Science Complementary Courses (for Computer Engineering and Software Engineering students from CEGEP)
  • Elective Courses (for Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering students from CEGEP and Architecture students)

Students MUST code courses under the S/U OPTION at the time of registration on MINERVA. The Option will NOT be added or dropped manually to a student's record after the Drop/Add deadline.

You cannot use the S/U option for Technical Complementaries, Lab Complementaries, Complementary Courses in Architecture, or courses in any other category of the Engineering programs.

  • Under no circumstances can you use this option for a REQUIRED course or for courses to be used to satisfy the requirements for a MINOR. 
  • Engineering/Architecture students should be aware that a C grade must be achieved in order to pass a course under the University Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option. However, the Faculty of Engineering accepts a D grade as a pass in a complementary course ONLY when the course is taken in the conventional manner (D grade appears). Reminder: once a grade has been submitted under the option, the option will not be reversed under any circumstances.
  • Only one course (3 credits) per term, to a maximum of 10% of a student's credits taken at McGill may be taken this way.
  • Grades will be reported in the normal fashion by instructor and those grades of a C will be converted to Satisfactory and grades of D and F will be converted into Unsatisfactory.
  • The courses taken under this option will be excluded from the GPA, but they will be included in the number of credits.

Note: To be considered for awards/scholarships/renewal of awards, students must complete at least 27 credits in the regular academic session, exclusive of courses completed under this option.

If the S/U option is selected for a core course and not reversed by the Course Change deadline, the Student Affairs Office will remove reverse the option and notify the student of the change.