Operations Research

Operations Research aims to publish high-quality papers that represent the true breadth of the methodologies and applications that define our field. It serves the entire Operations Research community including practitioners, researchers, educators, and students. In that respect, the papers that appear in the journal must satisfy three essential requirements: operations-focused, scientific, and broad.

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Sentao Miao, S. Jasin and X. Chao, "Asymptotically Optimal Lagrangian Policies for Multi-Warehouse Multi-Store Systems with Lost Sales", Operations Research, Forthcoming.

Yichuan Ding, S.T. McCormick and M. Nagarajan, "A Fluid Model for One-Sided Bipartite Matching Queues with Match-Dependent Rewards", Operations Research, Forthcoming.


Angelos Georghiou, Angelos Tsoukalas, Wolfram Wiesemann, "A Primal-Dual Lifting Scheme for Two-Stage Robust Optimization," Operations Research, Forthcoming


Angelos Georghiou, Angelos Tsoukalas, Wolfram Wiesemann, "Robust Dual Dynamic Programming," Operations Research, Forthcoming
Senay Solak, Armagan Bayram, Mehmet Gumus, Yueran Zhuo, "Optimizing Foreclosed Housing Acquisitions in Societal Response to Foreclosures," Operations Research, Forthcoming


Saied Samiedaluie, Beste Kucukyazici, Vedat Verter and Dan Zhang, "Managing Patient Admissions in a Neurology Ward," Operations Research, Vol. 64, No. 3, 2017, pp. 636-656.


Dimitris Bertsimas and Angelos Georghiou, "Design of Near Optimal Decision Rules in Multistage Adaptive Mixed-integer Optimization," Operations Research, Vol. 63, No. 3, 2015, pp. 610-627.
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