Master of Management in Analytics (MMA)

Follow your passion for analytics.

McGill MMA Program Overview

The Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) is an intensive full time, one-year, pre-experience program with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

The MMA curriculum strikes a balance between advanced statistics, technology, and business strategy to give students a broad range of practical skills and perspectives.

The 3 pillars of MMA:

Advanced Statistics Technology Business Strategy

Machine Learning

Coding with R/Python/SQL
Cloud Infrastructure
Technology Stack

Consulting Discovery
Solution Development
Data Visualization

MMA Program Structure:

The MMA offers a 1.5-year option that includes an internship for students interested in gaining additional professional experience prior to graduation.

Length Summer Fall Winter Summer Fall

1 year 




BUSA 649/Electives


1.5 year 






MMA Consists of 3 modules:

Core Module (21 credits)

Designed to build your statistical problem-solving acumen and teach the Technical fundamentals of:

  • Data analytics
  • Decision analytics
  • Team management
  • Leadership

The Complementary Course Module (15 credits)

The MMA program is considered industry agnostic. Thus, our complementary courses are designed to expose students to a variety of topics such as marketing, retailing, supply chain, healthcare, security, pricing, talent and network analytics. Sample courses include:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Enterprise Analytics using Cloud Computing
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Epidemiology Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Revenue Management
  • And more…

The Experiential Module (9 credits)

Designed to provide students with the experience of hands-on application of the concepts taught in real world settings and the opportunity to interact with practitioners in leading analytics organizations. Learn more about MMA’s experiential module.


  • Capstone management analytics project (10 months)
  • Internship option
  • Community analytics project option

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