Bargain hunters beware: online deals can come with unanticipated conditions

Scouring for holiday gifts at bargain prices is a savvy way to cut costs, but the allure of Black Friday deals sometimes masks potential pitfalls. In an article for BNN Bloomberg, Associate Professor Vivek Astvansh emphasizes the need for caution among bargain hunters to ensure they're fully informed about any unforeseen conditions.

Published: 30 Nov 2023

Holiday grocery price freeze includes more products this year, but long-term affordability solutions needed

This year, Canada’s large grocery chains are freezing the price for a greater variety of items than usual before the holidays. While 10-15% more products are included in the freeze this year, the true test of affordability will come later. “How high will grocery prices be when the price freeze ends?” asks Professor Saibal Ray in an interview with CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

Published: 30 Nov 2023

Ava Labs and CBER Forum launch new blockchain and crypto podcast series

Ava Labs, a software provider for the Avalanche blockchain network, has launched a new podcast series under its Owl Explains initiative. “Crafting the Crypto Economy” spotlights top researchers from leading academic institutions and features McGill Desautels Assistant Professor of Finance Thomas J. Rivera as part of the opening lineup.

Published: 29 Nov 2023

BCom alum’s paper on the financial literacy of immigrants an FCAC finalist

McGill Desautels graduate Avneet Bhabra (BCom’23)’s research paper “23% and Counting, but Not ‘One Size Fits All’: Helping Canada’s Immigrants Strengthen Their Financial Knowledge” has been published by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) on Focusing on financial literacy amongst immigrants in Canada, the paper was selected as a finalist in the undergraduate category of the FCAC’s 2023 Building Better Financial Futures Challenge.

Published: 27 Nov 2023

McGill Desautels launches the Management Science Case Writing Competition

The inaugural McGill Desautels Management Science Case Writing Competition, organized by Assistant Professor (Teaching) Rob Glew and supported by EY, turns the tables on the traditional case competition format. Since May, 34 BCom students worked to write case studies on their experience with operations management and analytics on their summer work placements.

Published: 23 Nov 2023

Bankrupt companies benefit from cooperation with suppliers during legal process

When a company declares bankruptcy, the spotlight often falls on its creditors, primarily focusing on corporate debt from financial institutions. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant role of suppliers in the company's journey through bankruptcy. While financial institutions play a key role, suppliers can also be instrumental in the company's successful emergence from bankruptcy proceedings.

Published: 21 Nov 2023

Canadian pension funds divestment of private equity holdings rebalances portfolios

Canadian pension funds are strategically divesting from their private equity holdings to realign their portfolios. Recognizing the inherent lag in private equity valuations compared to publicly traded assets, the move aims to address potential overvaluations, particularly in the context of rising interest rates.

Published: 21 Nov 2023

Public pension plans in Canada and Australia achieve efficiencies through professional asset management at scale

Canada and Australia are both examples of successful pension fund management, said Prof. Sebastien Betermier in a keynote presentation to the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) Thought Leadership Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. While there are differences, both capture similar efficiencies: getting people to save money early, so they benefit from compounding.

Published: 20 Nov 2023

McGill Desautels alum sheds light on inequities faced by women entrepreneurs

Harriet Baldwin (MBA’85) is spearheading an extensive examination of the financial landscape for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom. Highlighting a stark gender disparity, she points out only 2% of venture capital funding in the UK goes to businesses run by women, while men fill 90% of all senior roles at hedge funds.

Published: 20 Nov 2023

New Royalmount real estate development will bring greater luxury retail options to Montreal

Among the low-rise industrial buildings that line the northern end of Décarie Boulevard, a major new shopping centre is taking shape. The $7-billion Royalmount luxury retail and lifestyle centre is slated to open in summer 2024, after numerous construction delays.

Published: 13 Nov 2023

Alberta’s withdrawal from Canada Pension Plan means leaving one of the world’s best-managed funds

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) launched in 1966 and pays retirees a monthly amount based on contributions deducted from their paycheques throughout their working lives. "You contribute with the understanding that when it comes your time to retire, you can expect your own steady stream of income where the risks are being managed directly by the plan," says Prof.

Published: 10 Nov 2023

Public sector organizations need to ensure fair AI implementation

Artificial intelligence can identify patterns in data much faster and more effectively and efficiently than humans can, but it is only applicable to the specific contexts in which data was created. Even then, AI can replicate the data’s biases and encode them, resulting in a major limitation that can lead to discrimination on the basis of sex or ethnicity. This is of particular concern for public sector organizations, which need to be fair to those they serve.

Published: 10 Nov 2023

Two McGill Desautels units achieve silver sustainability certification

This Fall, McGill University awarded new Sustainable Workplace Certifications to nine units. Among them, two McGill Desautels units earned the silver-level distinction: The Bensadoun School of Retail Management (BSRM) and IT Customer Services Team.

Published: 10 Nov 2023

Canada's big grocery chains face pressure to cut prices as food costs rise

Food prices rose by 5.8 per cent in September, prompting the federal government to ask Canada’s five largest grocery chains to provide a plan for how they will stabilize prices, with staple products a likely focus. “High transportation costs, inventory issues and other pressures driving up costs are subsiding,” says Professor Saibal Ray, who specializes in Operations Management.

Published: 10 Nov 2023

McGill Desautels MBA ranked #22 globally most sustainable by Corporate Knights

The McGill Desautels Faculty of Management MBA is ranked 22nd globally by the prestigious Corporate Knights Better World MBA ranking, jumping 16 spots and proving again to be a leader in sustainability development and corporate social responsibility through teaching and learning methodologies

Published: 9 Nov 2023


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