Who are Canada’s research stars?


Published: 27Mar2012

With intense competition for research funding and status, universities need an objective way to rank their departments' research performance, say the creators of a new tool designed to do just that.

"Currently there is no reliable, accessible way for universities to get data on how their individual departments are performing in terms of research citations," says Alex Usher, president of Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA). "We have created a bibliometric product, HiBAR, that offers them the opportunity to do so."

Highlights of the first Canadian version of HiBAR - or Hirsch-Index Benchmarking of Academic Research - are published here today, providing a broad measurement of which researchers wield the most influence in their fields. It uses a large database created by HESA of every Canadian university faculty member, then creates an H-index score for each using raw data from Google Scholar.

Henry Mintzberg is the #1 researcher in the Business discipline.

Read full article: Globe and Mail, March 27, 2012

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