Where to find an executive MBA to suit your style


Published: 26Aug2016

In our eighth annual Executive Survival Guide, we show you how to do business with an egomaniac, build a brand like Drake, climb the corporate ladder (without stepping on anyone), avoid Snapchat snafus and ditch underperformers—gently. If you’re looking for a slightly more formal education experience, we’ll also help you find the right EMBA or MBA program.

McGill University/HEC Montréal

Location: Montreal 
Tuition: $89,000 
Number of students accepted: 46 
Male/female ratio: 52/48 
Average work experience: 19 years 
Duration: 15 months

Go here if…you’re bilingual (it’s a must for students) and a fan of management thinker Henry Mintzberg—his multidisciplinary vision of management dominates.

Read full article: The Globe and Mail, August 26, 2016