Wei Qi awarded 2019 NSERC Discovery Grant


Published: 26Jul2019

Congratulations to Wei Qi, Assistant Professor in Operations Management, awarded 2019 NSERC Discovery Grant “Towards a Smart-City Future: Urban-Scale Integration of Mobility and Energy Systems”.

Moving forward to a smart-city future, cities in Canada and around the world are undertaking major transformations in their energy and mobility systems. The booms of the sharing economy, electric vehicles (EV), decentralized renewables integration, along with the emergence of autonomous driving, urge us to evaluate the implications of their synergy. The mission of this NSERC funded research program is to develop cross-disciplinary models, data analytics and managerial insights for urban-scale integration of mobility and energy systems in various forms to maximize citywide benefits. We will achieve this mission by focusing on two interrelated research themes: Theme 1 - Integrating urban mobility innovations with electric vehicles. Theme 2 - Citywide vehicle-grid integration in the presence of massive adoption of energy and mobility innovations.