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Published: 3Sep2020

It is with a heavy heart that the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University announces the discontinuation of the McGill MBA Japan program in its current format.

The MBA Japan program is incredibly proud of its accomplishments since it launched in 1998, taking enormous satisfaction in developing numerous highly successful, responsible leaders and having enabled a multitude of graduates to achieve their goals. With its 22-year history, it is an important achievement of McGill University.

As COVID-19 swept across the globe and countries across the world closed their borders in March, the McGill MBA Japan made the decision to delay the start date for th­­­­e incoming cohort, originally scheduled for April 2020. With current health and travel restrictions still in place, it is impossible for professors to deliver the program in-person now or in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the University has had to make this painful decision.

McGill will continue to deliver the MBA program to the current cohort of MBA2 students who are more than midway through the program and set to graduate by December 2021. The program will be managed and delivered virtually by program staff and professors in the MBA office in Montreal. When travel becomes safe and available, and professors are willing to travel, we intend to return to offering courses in-person.

The entering cohort, which was originally scheduled to start in April 2020, will have any payments refunded and will have the option to undertake their MBA in the McGill Montreal program beginning in fall 2021 at no extra tuition cost.

Incoming students who transfer their admission to the Montreal program will take advantage of the newly redesigned MBA program in Canada. The program has been revamped with a student-centric approach to allow the ultimate flexibility in program length and specialization.

The McGill MBA Japan, in collaboration with the Montreal office, will hold a town hall for current students, including the incoming cohort originally set to start this year, to address any questions and concerns.

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