Towards a conceptual multilayered framework of international entrepreneurship


Published: 29Mar2018

Author: Hamid Etemad

Publication: Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Vol. 15, No. 3, September 2017


The starting question before us here is: how should we approach complex international entrepreneurship decisions and problems? This article aims to trace the evolutionary scholarly road that has brought us here and highlight some of the significant signals, road signs, milestones, and barriers along the way. We will pause at each milestone to view the scenery surrounding it and also examine the underlying structures there, especially those that have served as foundations for the evolutionary course that usually starts at a local origin, passing through milestones, for reaching global destinations; as well as examining the nature of the evolution that has brought us to the current state of affairs. In light of multidisciplinary nature of international entrepreneurship (IE), drawing and relying on a few disciplines, there is a need to abstract from some in favor of deeper discussion of others with more prominent impact and presence in IE. We aspire to portray the outline of a multilayered conceptual framework to serve two primary purposes: to suggest a promising path for further theoretical developments and to provide a roadway to allow us to travel through to farther theoretical and operational destinations; and to highlight the articles appearing in this issue. We will view each article as a milestone and examine how the selective features of the article confirm, if not support, the framework enabling us to push forward to see farther horizons. Structurally, this article starts with a brief introduction that travels through three theoretical and foundational stops on the way to develop a broader view of IE at the end. A proposed conceptual framework will project, and enable us to see, that broader view. The latter part of the article travels through the four articles to highlight their theoretical developments and empirical findings that lend support to pertinent aspect of the proposed framework. A brief discussion at the end explore selected implications.

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