Social Innovators’ Integration Lab Welcomes Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Published: 27Apr2016

The Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management’s Social Economy Initiative is pleased to welcome Dr. Julie Rijpens as the new Post-Doctoral Fellow for the Social Innovators’ Integration Lab (SIIL)

Dr. Rijpens holds a PhD in Economics and Management Sciences from the HEC Management School, Centre for Social Economy at the  University of Liege, Belgium. Her research interests include social enterprise governance and business models, social impact assessment, Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs), and the Circular Economy. For the two last years, she managed the Academy for Social Entrepreneurs @HEC-ULg, a transdisciplinary platform that gathered the action-research programs as well as the training, supporting and networking activities for social entrepreneurs and change makers, that were carried out by the Centre for Social Economy.

SIIL is a shared observatory for social innovation and entrepreneurship within the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) district, a recently designated innovation ecosystem in Montreal. SIIL aims at establishing and nurturing a presence for McGill researchers, students, and practitioners to work alongside local social economy organizers, with the overarching goal to develop a better understanding of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Dr. Rijpens' mandate at SIIL will be to lead the co-creation of research, teaching, and outreach opportunities for students, academics, social innovators, entrepreneurs, and engaged citizens. 

Interested potential collaborators are encouraged to contact Dr. Rijpens at julie.rijpens [at]