"Raising Quality Consciousness among Chinese Manufacturing Personnel: Testing the Effectiveness of Performance Management Tools," Asia Pacific Journal of Management


Published: 15Nov2013

Authors: Daniel, Shirley J.; Lee, Dongyoung; Reitsperger, Wolf D.

Publication: Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2013


This study draws upon the strategic management control literature, goal-setting, and expectancy theory to address the management of quality in Chinese manufacturing operations. Operating in a transition economy, Chinese managers face specific challenges in adapting management strategies and control systems. Using causal modeling, we examine the implementation of quality strategies through management control and reward systems in 38 manufacturing firms operating in the Pearl River Delta, examining the effects of company size. The results indicate that for larger firms, significant linkages were found between reward systems based on quality outcomes and quality feedback, and in turn, quality feedback was significantly linked to both quality goals and a strategic focus on quality. However, for smaller firms, while significant relationships exist between reward systems based on quality outcomes and the provision of quality goals and feedback, no significant linkages were found between the implementation of management control systems and a strategic focus on quality. This study emphasizes the need to develop more robust theories to address the manufacturing environments of transition economies such as China, as well as the need for additional field research on indigenous firms in Asia. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.