Professor Etzion Receives Knowledge Synthesis Grant


Published: 29Apr2016

Desautels Professor Dror Etzion has received a Knowledge Synthesis Grant given by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in the Energy and Natural Resources category for his project entitled, “From availability to accessibility: effectively using information disclosure to govern energy production.”

45 social sciences and humanities research projects were awarded federal funds to assess and mobilize knowledge in the areas of emerging technologies, energy and natural resources in Canada. The knowledge gained will help inform policy and new programs. Awarded by SSHRC and worth up to $25,000 each, Knowledge Synthesis Grants are designed to combine or “synthesize” existing academic knowledge on key challenges facing Canada, while identifying new areas needed for research. These grants place a strong focus on ensuring results are accessible to a broad audience, including decision-makers. Read more about the grant here.