McGill MBAs show outstanding career progress according to Financial Times global survey

Published: 26 January 2004

The Financial Times of London survey of 100 MBA programs in the world, released today, places McGill graduates in the top five in North America for career progress – evaluated both in terms of positions held and size of the company they work for. Worldwide, they place in 16th position for their ascension of the corporate ladder. Additionally, McGill MBAs rank second in North America – and 16th worldwide – for international mobility, a consistently high score for McGill.

"The McGill MBA prepares students to become world-wise managers with a strong understanding and sensitivity to cross-cultural and international issues. This is a long-standing tradition at McGill, and is what attracts top students and top employers here," explains Alfred Jaeger, Associate Dean and Director of the MBA Program. "Montreal, as a multicultural city that celebrates diversity, adds to the whole experience. I am convinced that those elements play an important role in the career progress of our graduates."

"The McGill MBA experience goes well beyond excellent academic credentials," adds Sarab Hans, an Associate at ING in New York City. Since receiving her McGill MBA in 2000, Hans has been fast-tracked through four different positions with the Dutch financial institution, in Amsterdam, Tokyo and New York. "I was interested in having an international career and I knew that McGill would prepare me for that. In addition, the McGill MBA Career Centre attracts international employers that don't recruit at other North American MBA schools, a clear advantage for McGill students."

As in previous years, McGill scores high on all international aspects of the ranking, with the most international faculty and the second highest percentage of international students among North American schools. "I am convinced that no other North American school offers such a truly global perspective as McGill," says Gerald Ross, Dean of the Faculty of Management. "With faculty and students representing an impressive diversity, the curriculum naturally leans toward advancing understanding of global issues."

For the third year in a row, McGill is the only Quebec school to place in the FT survey. Worldwide, it holds the 39th position. The FT survey results were based on a survey of the 2000 alumni and an analysis of each school's activities.

Other international surveys recognize the quality of the McGill MBA. In the 2003 Beyond Grey Pinstripes Survey, conducted by the Aspen Institute and the World Resources Institute, the McGill MBA was among 36 MBA programs selected from 100 schools around the world for their contribution to social responsibility. Forbes magazine included McGill in the top 15 non-US MBA programs for return on investment in its 2003 MBA survey. In Canada, McGill ranked second for return on investment for two-year MBA programs.

Entire survey results can be found on the FT website.


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