Igniting the Spark of Innovation

Published: 23 May 2014

From duct tape to smartphones, every great innovation started with a simple idea. Thanks to the generosity of alumni and donors, some of the game-changing ideas of the future are taking shape right now in the annual McGill Dobson Cup start-up competition.

... “We’ve had 450 participants in the previous three years, and have helped create 28 start-ups: they’re employing people, generating revenues, and attracting investors. That’s very exciting,” says Professor Gregory Vit, BCom’80, Director of the Dobson Centre.

... The money isn’t the only draw. “The benefits of the event are clear. Business is all about networking, and by participating in the McGill Dobson Cup we were able to talk to people with significant expertise in the Internet domain,” says Grant Yim, BCom’03, who, with Dylan Jude, BEng’13, Mike Kwon, BCom’09, and Won Jun Bae, BEng’08, had already begun developing Hypejar when they decided to enter the McGill Dobson Cup. 

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