The Five Mindsets of a Manager continues to influence management practices twenty years after its original publication

Published: 12 September 2023

Today’s leaders don’t only face managerial and business challenges. There are geopolitical, social, and environmental obstacles too. The way they respond will define their organization’s success. In 2003, Prof. Henry Mintzberg provided a framework for leadership in the modern global economy when he published “The Five Mindsets of a Manager” in the Harvard Business Review. On the twentieth anniversary of the publication of this influential article, Mintzberg spoke with Ron Duerksen MBA’01, Global Executive Director of the IMPM, in an interview for the International Business Times. “All five mindsets need attention: reflective, analytical, collaborative, worldly and action,“ says Mintzberg. But you learn by doing. “Managing is a practice. You learn it on the job. Kind of like swimming. You can't teach swimming in a classroom. You can give a few theories about hydraulics or buoyancy, but that doesn't teach you how to swim. You learn how to swim in a pool. You learn how to manage by managing.”

The mindset approach to management is a unique characteristic of the International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM), as well as the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA and the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL).


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