DiversityLeads - Women and Visible Minorities in Senior Leadership Position: A Profile of Greater Montreal


Published: 14Feb2013

Lead researchers: Cukier, W.; Gagnon, S.; Roach, E.; Holmes, M.; Khennache, Lylia; Pinoo, B.; Saekang, A.

Project Summary:

This report is the second publication in the DiversityLeads series, followuing a 2012 report profiling women in senior leadership positions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It is also the first of its kind to profile and provide insight on where, how, and why women and visible minorities in Greater Montreal are advancing to senior leadership positions.

Specifically, this project:

  • Measures the representation of women and visible minorities in leadership positions in six sectors: elected officials, public, corporate, voluntary, education, and appointments to agencies, boards & commissions (ACBs);
  • Examines similarities and difference between sectors, as well as, variances within sectors; and
  • Suggests best practices to help women and visible minorities advance to senior leadership positions. 

This analysis is based on data collected in 2011-2012 on 3,025 individuals in senior leadership roles in organizations across the aforementioned six sectors, which are located in areas of Greater Montreal that have visible minority representation exceeding 10%. The selected area includes 16 municipalities on the Island of Montreal, and the municipalities of Brossard, Laval, and Longueuil.

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