Delve: Constructing Narratives and the International Monetary Fund with Lindsay Holmgren


Published: 11Mar2022

Narrative theory is about looking at worlds, from their construction and governance to the real people living within them. This perspective is useful for understanding the complexities of not only literature, but the mechanisms of medicine, law, management, and economics. In the process, questions arise around established paradigms—the answers have the potential to bring about concrete disciplinary, practical, and policy-oriented outcomes.

On the latest Delve podcast, Desautels Faculty of Management Professor Lindsay Holmgren discusses her research on narrative theory and the International Monetary Fund, illustrating the IMF’s role in establishing and covertly disseminating the ideological foundations of a finance-centric, global economic paradigm.

For more insights, listen to the full interview with Professor Holmgren on the Delve podcast and read the research paper: Narrative in the Economic Sphere: The International Monetary Fund and the Scripting of a Global Economy

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