Atypic : agence dévouée au développement du secteur pluriel


A commitment to change: nonprofits, business sense and research in action

Atypic’s founder, Pascal Lépine (EMBA’12) credits a meeting with Henry Mintzberg with giving him the kick he needed to pursue a life in the non-profit sector. His agency aims to work with NGOs, co-ops and other organizations, as well as to spread the word about how important the sector is. He says that, in Quebec, the plural sector employs almost 470,000 people — and up to 2.4 million volunteers — and contributes $22 billion to the provinces GDP. Increasing the sector’s profile can only help to increase recruitment into its ranks, as well as to help bump donations and investment higher.

Read full article in French: Grenier aux NouvellesMarch 15, 2017