The Art of the MBA


Published: 4Dec2012

Over the past decade or so it’s become accepted in the business education world that some of the best value that MBA students get from a year or two in the classroom comes not from their chosen school’s academics but from their peers. This is why all of the leading international schools have worked hard to build classes that often look like mini-United Nations, embracing representatives from almost every nationality and ethnicity under the sun. What better way to learn how to do business in China or Brazil, the argument goes, than from a fellow student who was born, raised, and employed in that country?

… And at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Canada, Nancy Adler, a professional water-color painter, is a well-established member of the academic lineup. Of course, it likely helps that Adler is also a highly experienced adviser to multinationals on cross-cultural management issues at McGill. 

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