Alain Pinsonneault leads IS research for 2016


Published: 6Mar2017

Congratulations to Professor Alain Pinsonneault who has placed first in the world for research productivity in his field by the Association for Information Systems (AIS). The ranking is conducted annually to assess the research output of Information Technology scholars and is based on a weighted score that accounts for the number of authors on a single paper. In 2016, Professor Pinsonneault published four research papers in two of the top journals in the IS domain, which also collectively ranked third overall for research productivity.

List of academic journal publications for 2016:

Nevo, S., Nevo, D. and Pinsonneault, A. A Temporally-Situated Self Agency Theory of IT Reinvention. MIS Quarterly.

Oh, H., Animesh, A., and Pinsonneault, A.  Free versus For a Fee: The Impact of Information Goods Pricing Strategy on the Pattern and Effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth via Social Media. MIS Quarterly.

Jha, S., Pinsonneault, A., and Dubé, L. The Evolution of an ICT Platform-enabled Ecosystem for Poverty Alleviation: The Case of eKutir. MIS Quarterly.

MacCrory, F., Choudhary, V., Pinsonneault, A. Research Note—Designing Promotion Ladders to Mitigate Turnover of IT Professionals. Information Systems Research.