Ashesh Mukherjee

When advertising gets socially active

Published: 21Jan2019

Gillette’s new ad about “toxic masculinity” belongs to a larger phenomenon of brands embracing social activism as a marketing strategy....

Delve: The Internet Effect in the Time of Coronavirus

Published: 28Apr2020

It is difficult to imagine remaining at home for days without the Internet, particularly during physical distancing. According to Professor Ashesh Mukherjee, although the Internet is a boon in many...

The Internet Trap: Five Costs of Living Online

Published: 1Nov2017

Book: The Internet Trap: Five Costs of Living Online Author: Ashesh Mukherjee Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Rotman -UTP Publishing, Forthcoming in March 2018

The internet: A friend or a foe?

Published: 29Jan2019

Online social networks have made it easier to stay in touch with friends and family, but a worrying factor is that they can easily become a “den of comparisons,” warns Professor Ashesh Mukherjee in...

The woes of living life on social media

Published: 15Jan2019

As Professor Ashesh Mukherjee makes clear in his latest book, The Internet Trap, the pitfalls of living online in the age of social media include ceaseless comparisons with others and feelings of...

The dark side of the web revolution

Published: 28Sep2018

Professor Ashesh Mukherjee joins the Rotman School of Management to discuss learnings from his latest book, The Internet Trap, and outlines the five pitfalls of living online. Read more  

Taking stock of the good and the bad of living online

Published: 1May2018

In his latest book, The Internet Trap, Desautels Professor Ashesh Mukherjee uses his latest research in consumer psychology to confirm what most of us already suspect: the Internet has changed our...

Thinking critically about the age of social media

Published: 25Apr2018

Professor Ashesh Mukherjee appeared on Context with Lorna Dueck to talk about the pros and cons of social media....

Ashesh Mukherjee discusses “The Internet Trap” with Bertrand Cesvet, CEO of Sid Lee

Published: 19Apr2018

April 4, 2018 marked the launch of Professor Ashesh Mukherjee’s latest book, The Internet Trap: Five Costs of Living Online, in which he uses the latest research in consumer psychology to highlight...


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