Peer Advisors

What is the Peer Program all about?

The Volunteer Career Services Peer Program offers a unique opportunity for students to get involved in the Faculty of Management and to help fellow students learn about Career Services and the various resources we have available. Peer Ambassadors and Peer Advisors are selected prior to the fall and winter terms and then follow an interactive training program.

The Peer Advisors strive to provide a service that is helpful, insightful, and beneficial for your career preparation and future success. We offer the following resume and cover letter review services:

  • Resume review for U0 and U1 students (part of the mandatory Career Services onboarding process)
  • Basic follow up support over email
  • Mentoring based on internship experience and extracurricular involvement

For more information about becoming a Peer Advisor or Peer Ambassador, please contact the Peer Advisor Program Manager Julia Riscaldino by email.

Meet our Peer Advisors

Isabelle - Lead Peer Advisor

Year: U3

Area of Study: International Business & Entrepreneurship Concentrations

Meet Isabelle

I am a U3, General Management student who transferred in the BCom Program in September 2017 from the School of Continuing Studies. I am interested in consulting, law and international development. I have worked in different industries including forestry, humanitarian aid, and sales (for a Montreal designer and a bike shop). Over the summer, I did research on the economic impact of democratization in Africa under the supervision of Professor Stapenhurst. I love to spend time with my 5 siblings, my weekly swing classes, and I genuinely appreciate my time studying. I have failed, more than once, and I hope that I can share some of that experience with you. Life is not about how you fall, but rather about how you get back on your feet and climb the mountain in front of you. There are multiple paths to the summit and different mountains to explore. Find yours and strive!



James - Peer Advisor


Year: U2

Area of Study: Business Analytics, Retail Management, & Human Resources Concentrations

Meet James

I am a U2 student in General Management, pursuing concentrations in Business Analytics, Retail Management, and Human Resources. I recently completed an internship with the Bank of Montreal, working with both their compensation and people analytics teams. In my spare time, I dance and choreograph for one of McGill's dance teams called Urban Groove Dance Project. I joined the Peer Advisor program because Career Services has played a big part in my university experience. The peer and career advisors encouraged me to start asking myself some important questions and reflecting on my experiences, strengths, and passions. More importantly, they instilled in me that it's alright to be undecided on a career path and that university is all about self-realization and 'figuring it out'. I hope to be able to provide that same comfort to new students who may be feeling nervous or uncertain as they begin a new chapter at McGill. As the lead peer advisor, I will not be doing advising shifts this year, however feel free to reach out to me at peeradvising.mgmt [at] if you have any questions!


Year: U3

Area of Study: International Management Major, International Development Studies Minor

Meet Amanda

I am a U3 McGill student majoring in International Management and minoring in International Development Studies. I have previously interned at Fednav, The Business Development Bank of Canada, and Bell Canada, where I will be working full time after graduation. My experience with Career Services began during my first semester at McGill when I was feeling overwhelmed with job applications, building a good resume and narrowing my focus. Not only did I receive excellent guidance and support from everyone I encountered, but I also gained a sense of confidence in myself as a young professional.





Year: U3

Area of Study: Finance & Marketing Concentrations

Meet Clementine

I am a U3 student in General management, pursuing two concentrations in Finance and Marketing. Last summer I was an intern in the IT Innovation department of the cosmetic retailer, Sephora, in my home country of France. I was a Peer Ambassador during my second year at McGill, before I went on exchange to Hong Kong during the Winter semester. As a first year, I discovered and fully used the resources Career Services has to offer. Then later, as a Peer Ambassador, I acknowledged even more the importance of Career Services in building students’ future aspirations thanks to the help,counselling,and information available. I want to be able to help students who, like me, are unsure and need more information and guidance on their future path, but also those who have an idea of what they want to do and just need all the advice they can get to send them in the right direction.


Year: U4

Area of Study: Human Resources Major

Meet Didi

I’m a U4 student in Human Resources and Labour-Management Relations. In my spare time, I watch Korean dramas and I travel to Sherbrooke often to visit my sisters. I joined the Peer Advisor team last year and loved the experience so I’m back again this year. What I love about this program is that it’s a first step in figuring out your career, but it is not as intimidating as the whole process seems to be. I think it’s easier to talk about initial concerns with fellow students and I hope to be a source of reference and comfort to new students at McGill. I have recently completed an internship at Fuze HR Solutions where I was responsible, amongst other things, for screening resumes and conducting interviews. I hope to share my experience in recruitment with students to help improve their candidacy in future career endeavors. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can!




Year: U4

Area of Study: Finance, Business Analytics, & Marketing Concentrations

Meet Emily

I am a U4 student, doing a triple concentration in Finance, Business Analytics, and Marketing. For the past year and a half I’ve been working in finance and procurement for the Federal Government of Canada. This is my third year being involved with Career Services; first as both an advisor and peer ambassador, then as the lead peer ambassador, and now back to advising!I joined the program because I see career guidance and tools as powerful mediums to change lives and fulfill dreams.


Year: U2

Area of Study: Human Resources Major, Psychology Minor

Meet Lisa

Hi, I am a U2 student majoring in Human Resources and minoring in Psychology. This summer, I had my first HR internship working for a biopharmaceutical company called Amgen; I got to do recruitment as well as internal communication. On the week-end, I love to read and write which is why I have been involved with McGill’s French newspaper since I arrived at university. I am thrilled to be a peer advisor this year because I know how scary it is to arrive at Desautels having lots of doubts. I hope to provide you with the same guidance that I received from Career Services so you can have the best possible university experience!



Year: U3

Area of Study: Accounting Major, Finance Concentration

Meet Nan

I'm a U3 student majoring in Accounting and doing a concentration in Finance. I recently completed my assurance internship at PWC working on a real estate client. In my spare time, I’m a big fan of many TV series and I like music. I joined the Peer Advisor program to help students decide what career paths they want to pursue and give them guidance every step of the way. If you have any questions regarding accounting or finance recruitment, don’t hesitate to talk to me.


Year: U3

Area of Study: Finance Major

Meet Sai

I am a U3 student in Management, pursuing a major in Finance. I recently completed an internship with the Bank of Montreal, working in their financial risk reporting team. In my spare time, I enjoy keeping up with the markets and coaching basketball. I joined the Peer Advisor program because Career Services has played a big part in my university experience. I truly value making a difference in others’ lives, therefore I intend to help out fellow Desautels students by facilitating their job search process and helping with any difficulties that they my face during their university experience. I look forward to my experience as a Peer Advisor.



Year: U3

Area of Study: Marketing & Sustainability Concentrations

Meet Yenah

I am a U3 in my final year, completing a double concentration in Marketing and Sustainability. Returning from my Fall exchange in Hungary, I am eager to share my experiences with anyone interested. I have been actively involved in extracurricular activities on campus both within Desautels and outside of the faculty. In the past few years, I have taken on numerous roles in the MUS within the Social Media Team, Corporate Relations Team and CASCO McGill. I previously worked as a Student Ambassador giving campus tours and as a receptionist at the Desautels Career Services Office. I have seen the ‘behind the scenes’ of the office as I worked amongst them and have seen how hard each member works to provide as much guidance as they can to students. Having been involved in the Peer Program before, I am excited to take on my new role as a Peer Advisor. The Peer Program allows me to give back to others which is something I truly value and enjoy doing. I encourage students to come prepared with any questions related to my involvement and beyond that!