From Academics to Analytics: How the McGill Desautels MMA Collaborates with Hiring Managers at Major Industry Players

Landing a career in a competitive field like data analytics may seem like a daunting task, but with the right connections and the right skills it can be easier than you think. The McGill Desautels Master of Management in Analytics has partnered with top firms like Brother and Slalom to help students find the right fit for their career. These firms visit our classrooms and attend recruiting events to offer students a chance to connect with recruiters and discover the endless possibilities waiting for them after graduation.

By providing our students with top tier instruction combined with experiential learning components that offer them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with major industry players, our MMA program sets students up for success—placing them in roles with leaders in their field.

“Brother has been hiring from the MMA program for the last three years,” says Carla Marrouche, Corporate Recruiter at Brother Canada. “It has been a very good experience so far; we’ve hired up to six students. They are individuals who are very talented—they not only know the tools but also know how to [provide] recommendations [using] the tools that the MMA program has provided them.”

The businesses and hiring managers that we work closely with highlight the fact that our MMA students bring to the table their unique perspectives from diverse backgrounds, plus strong foundations in technical skills and business knowledge.

Lauren Duvall“The students are super well-prepared, they come with the best attitude and that’s really what I love,” explains Lauren Duvall, Talent Acquisition Manager at Slalom. “Many of them come from different backgrounds […and] they come not only with an incredible attitude but also with a great foundational knowledge of not only the technology but the business side as well.”

The ability to master not only the technical aspects of data analytics but also other complementary skills and strategies means that our MMA candidates are ready to be hired right out of the program.

Carla Marrouche“I think the whole program and faculty work very closely with [the students] which makes the program very special,” Carla Marrouche adds. “All the students we’ve hired are very well prepared for their role and are key players at Brother [Canada].”

With data analysis and artificial intelligence becoming increasingly important to firms across many industries, they are turning to our students to help guide them through this transition to data-driven decision making. The ability to parse data and explain it to stakeholders in a way that is engaging and easy to understand is an invaluable skill that our MMA students bring with them.

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