Frequently Asked Questions

The following page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the Work Study Subsidy Management System.

Working in the new Work Study Subsidy Management System

How will FOAPALS be used in the new Work Study Subsidy Management System?

The new Work Study Subsidy Management System will recognize the FOAPALs used to pay the salary of employees in their Work Study positions for the purposes of subsidy reimbursement. Details of how FOAPALs will be connected to recruitment and payroll processes will be covered in the WorkDay training.

I have multiple team members who will use the new system. How will I determine their role?

Work Study Employers will have the opportunity to review the roles in the new Work Study Subsidy Management system and align their team to the correct roles based on the nature of access they deem appropriate. The different system roles will drive who can request or view subsidy hours, and who can view the payroll details linked to all subsidy hour reimbursements. Details of the roles will be sent to all Employers for their review and confirmation.

Hours in the new Work Study Subsidy Management System

How are hours and activity recorded?

Employers will request and be approved for subsidy hours by term for all eligible Work Study positions within their supervision, no longer job by job. Subsidy hours are ‘used’ as reimbursement are processed for eligible students in eligible jobs if the supervisor still has subsidy hours remaining. The employer dashboard will display hours approved, hours used and hours remaining. Depending on the system role assigned to a user, they may be able to see the payroll details comprising the subsidy hours used.

How will I determine my hours for the coming 2020-2021 year?

For the coming 2020-2021 academic year, requested subsidy hours will be estimated for existing Employers based on their actual usage of the previous academic year across all the Work Study jobs they supervise. A preliminary calculation of requested hours by term will be communicated to each Employer, for their review, in June so they can understand the shift from the old per-job model to the new across-all-jobs model. Employers will have an opportunity to request changes (up or down) based on what their needs are. Subsidy hours will be converted in August following confirmation from the Employer to ease the transition. Going forward, new and existing Employers will need to request hours directly in the new system.

How many summer hours will be carried forward into the new system?

At the time of cut-over in July, remaining unused summer hours will be assigned to each Employer for use in the new system for the remainder of August 2020. Each Employer will receive a communication with their ‘summer carry over hours’ in late June or early July.

How do we know if we are approved as employers?

Employers can review the Employers Dashboard in the Work Study Subsidy Management system to view their Approved hours.

Training for the new Work Study Subsidy Management System

Is there training for the Work Study Subsidy Management System?

Yes, optional training will be available for all Work Study Employers and others on their team with supporting roles. The main training focus will be the Employer Dashboard, a new feature in the new Work Study Subsidy Management System to view allocations and request subsidies. While the training is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. There will be pre-recorded videos and tip sheets, as well as “live” online sessions held throughout July and August. More information on the training dates will be announced on the Work Study Website.

Is the training being recorded for future reference?

Yes, it has been recorded and can be found under the Training and Resources section of the Work Study Website.

Will the slides from the training be available in PDF format rather than a recorded session?

Yes, there is a PDF version that can be found under the Training and Resources section of the Work Study Website.

Work Study Roles

Is the Payroll access granted to employers for all McGill students or only students in the Work Study Program?

Employers will not be able to see the payroll details of all McGill students. The Work Study Subsidy Management System only captures students who are participating in the Work Study Program. Employers or their Administrative Delegates will only see the details of the student(s) hired under that employer’s supervision for whom they received subsidy reimbursements.

I have several supervisors in my team and several students participating in the Work Study Program. Will all the supervisors in my team be able to view the details of all the students hired in the team?

A Supervisor will only see the Work Study students that are hired under their supervisory group (driven by the information in Workday) for whom they receive subsidy reimbursements.

How will employers be advised if a student is eligible to participate in the Work Study Program?

Students will apply to participate in the Work Study Program via Minerva. Successful applicants will have access to a ‘confirmation letter’ in Minerva. This letter can be printed or emailed to Employers who are hiring. Employers are encouraged to review the student confirmation letter during the hiring process.

When can we start to submit hours for Fall 2020/21?

Current Work Study employers, who by virtue of Workday have been assigned a Supervisory Org, will be able to submit hours in mid to late August via the Work Study Subsidy Management system. Only staff with a Supervisory Org in Workday or their Administrative Delegates will be able to request Work Study subsidy hours. Please consult your local HR advisor if you have questions about Supervisory Org.

Other Related Questions

Who do I contact if I'm having problems signing into myFuture?

For help with myFuture you can contact Career Planning Services directly by sending them an email at careers.caps [at]

Where do you check if students are approved and where do you post the ads?

The students will provide you with a self-serve confirmation letter they have access to in Minerva. You will post the jobs in myFuture.

Are any actions needed on the employer's part in order to receive the AUS subsidy?

The AUS/SUS subsidy is an incentive for Arts/Science employers to hire Arts/Science Work Study eligible students into Work Study eligible jobs. No action is required to receive it. The system automatically validates the eligibility for the subsidy.

Do I have to post my Work Study position?

Starting in Fall 2020, it is recommended that Work Study job opportunities be posted in myFuture, the platform managed by Career & Planning Services (CAPS), and where all student opportunities exist in one place. Work Study jobs will be specially flagged in MyFuture so Work Study eligible students can identify the priority bank of jobs dedicated to them. If you know who you wish to hire you are NOT obliged to post the position. Refer to Article 18 of the AMUSE collective agreement for more information.

How soon will I know what I do to rehire last year's students? I have gotten many requests from other students and if I post I will get more.

Although you are not required to post your jobs for a returning student, you still must submit a job requisition in Workday.

Can we copy the existing requisition or does it have to be a new requisition?

Any questions relating to Workday processes should be directed to your local HR representative or you can Self Serve on the R2R website.

Do you have to go through all the steps in the Work Study Subsidy Management process before requesting subsidy hours?

No, once you are an approved Work Study employer, you can request the subsidy hours needed as reference in Step 1 of the process.

I want to hire a Work Study eligible student as a Causal Research Assistant. What job profile code should I be using?

Use the code ETUD 71000 for casual Graduate Research Assistant and ETUD 72000 for casual Undergraduate Research Assistant found in the McGill Student Job catalogue.

What job profiles are Work Study eligible from the Administrative and Support staff job catalogue?

All job profiles within the AMUSE category of the job profiles are Work Study eligible jobs.

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