Employer Eligibility

To be approved, a Work Study employer must:

  • Be on the University campus, or in facilities owned, leased or rented by the University.
  • Be flexible in order to accommodate students' academic schedules.
  • Pay an hourly rate equivalent to or greater than the minimum wage under the current Collective Agreement.
  • Not contravene any labour agreements.
  • Have a Supervisor and a Payroll Person/Administrative Delegate who will share responsibility for:
    • Create a Job Requisition in WorkDay linked to pre-established Job catalogues
    • Initiate the job posting for referrals, preferably using MyFuture
    • Interviewing and hiring Work Study students.
    • Providing supervised employment in accordance with a pre-determined job description, which has been approved in WorkDay.
    • Ensuring that the student is placed on payroll and that bi-weekly payroll reports are submitted, covering the actual hours worked in a given pay period.


For all questions regarding the Work Study Program, please contact the Work Study team.

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