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Our Team

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The R2R Organization Structure

The Human Resources, Academic Personnel Office, Information Technology Services and Financial Services teams are collaborating in delivering R2R to the McGill community.

The following chart displays the R2R executive team:  


Our Sponsors

The Executive Sponsors are:

Professor Christopher P. Manfredi

Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

Professor Yves Beauchamp

Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)


The McGill Advisors represent the business needs in their respective areas, they are:

Ms. Diana Dutton

Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)

Ms. Leigh Yetter

Senior Director, Strategy and Operations (Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic))

Mr. Stuart Forman

Strategic IT Advisor (Information Technology Services)

Ms. Cristiane Tinmouth

Associate Vice-Principal (Financial Services)


The Core Team

The Core Team includes appointed representatives from the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic (OPVPA), Central HR, IT Services and some of the Faculties and Units, each responsible for specific Workday modules. With the guidance of our implementation partner, they support the solution design and will configure Workday. They are:

Functional Business Analysts (FBA)

The Functional Business Analysts (FBA) work in close collaboration with the Process Owners. They are responsible for delivering quality solutions to the benefits of the program.


Experts are the lead functional design authority and assume ultimate ownership of business process design and harmonization in each area of responsibility across all Faculties and Units.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are very knowledgeable about practices specific to their local Unit or Faculty. They assist Process Owners in ensuring consistency between the University’s needs and the best practices.

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The Change Enablers

The Change Enablers will support change management activities across the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic (OPVPA), the Faculties and Units, Central HR and IT Services. They are:

Local Sponsors

Local Sponsors hold a representational and advocacy role. As leaders and influencers, they are contributors for targeted change management activities, notably for in-person communications.


Champions' role is to facilitate and coordinate, with the objective to maximize engagement in the R2R Program. They exercise their influence among their peers to facilitate the execution of the change activities in their Unit or Faculty.

Super Users

Super Users are appointed by the Champions and act as advisors in reviewing the R2R impacts and design decisions. They represent each cluster of departments or geographical location in the Faculties and Units.


Click on the image below to view the list of R2R Champions per Faculty & Unit:

List of R2R Champions

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Our design golden rule is,

"Ask not how Workday can accommodate our as-is processes.

Ask how we can, with the guidance of our implementation partner, evolve toward best practices."