Faculty/Unit-Based Staff

Direct Service Representatives

Direct Service Representatives are administrative staff who, in their respective Units and Faculties, act as HR contact and ensure the consistent application of HR policies.

HR Advisors

Human Resources Advisors are HR Professionals who provide HR Services and ensure the consistent application of HR policies and procedures in their areas.






Athletics and Recreation NIXON, Ilana HR Advisor 514-398-3288
Desautels Faculty of Management  NG, Yvonne HR Advisor 514-398-7418
Enrolment Services Fhelene.fyfe [at] mcgill.ca (YFE, Helene) HR Advisor 514-398-3726
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences CÔTÉ, Danielle HR Advisor 514-398-8606
Faculty of Arts preeya.bissoonauth [at] mcgill.ca (BISSOONAUTH, Preeya) Senior HR Advisor 514-398-7540
Faculty of Arts jessica.chungwing [at] mcgill.ca (CHUNG WING, Jessica) HR Advisor TBA
Faculty of Arts anne-marie.fookchong [at] mcgill.ca (FOOK CHONG, Anne-Marie) HR Advisor


Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences

sarahmarshall3 [at] mcgill.ca (MARSHALL, Sarah) (on leave) HR Advisor 514-398-5861
Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences yetina.rivera [at] mcgill.ca (RIVERA, Yetina) HR Advisor TBA
Faculty of Education LUPU, Simona HR Advisor 514-398-5129
Faculty of Engineering BAUMANN-MOROY, Susanne Senior HR Advisor 514-398-7253
Faculty of Engineering russell.wyse [at] mcgill.ca (WYSE, Russell) HR Advisor 514-398-1679
Faculty of Law  CARLONE, Debbie Manager, Faculty Administration 514-398-6605
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences hr.med [at] mcgill.ca (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences HR Team) See list 514-398-3526
Faculty of Science


Associate Director 514-398-2994
Faculty of Science anna.coscia [at] mcgill.ca (COSCIA, Anna) HR Advisor 514-398-5930
Faculty of Science kelly.kapou [at] mcgill.ca (KAPOU, Kelly) HR Advisor


Financial Services

jo.boucher [at] mcgill.ca (BOUCHER, Johanna)

HR Advisor 514-398-3879
Facilities Management and Ancillary Services Tinasha.colquhoun [at] mcgill.ca (COLQUHOUN, Tinasha) HR Advisor TBD
Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

alissa.goddard [at] mcgill.ca (GODDARD, Alissa)

Senior HR Advisor


Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

soraya.esmail [at] mcgill.ca (ESMAIL, Soraya) (on leave)

HR Advisor


Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

milenka.radman [at] mcgill.ca (RADMAN, Milenka)

HR Advisor 


Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

AUBERGER, Muriel Manager, Administration and Finance 514-398-2276
Information Technology Services denise.pearce [at] mcgill.ca (PEARCE, Denise) Manager Human Resources (acting) 514-398-8381
Information Technology Services kimberlay.saint-pierre [at] mcgill.ca (SAINT-PIERRE, Kimberlay) HR Advisor 514-398-1527
Libraries isabelle.roberge [at] mcgill.ca (ROBERGE, Isabelle) Director, Administration 514-398-7486
Libraries  aysha.panchbhaya [at] mcgill.ca (PANCHBHAYA, Aysha) HR Advisor 514-398-3312

McGill Queen's University Press

lara.debeaupre [at] mcgill.ca (DE BEAUPRÉ, Lara)

Finance and Business Manager 514 398-5336

Student Life and Learning

WEBB, Linda Staffing Advisor 514-398-5255

James Shared Services

NOVAK, Lori Human Resources and Finance Advisor 514-398-8823

Office of the Vice-Principal
(Communications and External Relations)

mark.ordonselli [at] mcgill.ca (ORDONSELLI, Mark)  Director, Office of the Vice-Principal 514-398-8848

Office of the Vice-Principal
(Research and Innovation)

ATSAIDIS, Ourania HR Advisor 514-398-2445
School of Continuing Studies SENDECKI, Kathy-Ann HR Advisor 514-398-5765

Schulich School of Music

safia.nour [at] mcgill.ca (NOUR, Safia)  HR Advisor 514-398-1824
Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Student Life and Learning patricia.divincenzo [at] mcgill.ca (DI VINCENZO, Patricia) HR Advisor 514-398-2846
Student Services ANDERSON, Wila HR Advisor 514-398-1856
Student Services audrey.derepentigny [at] mcgill.ca (DE REPENTIGNY, Audrey) HR Advisor 514-398-3671
Student Services anna.wu [at] mcgill.ca (WU, Anna) Talent Management Advisor 514-398-3213

Teaching and Learning Services, Student Life and Learning

HOINDO-DONKPEGAN, Sandrine Finance and Administration Officer 514-398-6650
University Advancement

melina.tondino [at] mcgill.ca (TONDINO, Melina) 

Director, Advancement Talent & Culture 514-398-1324
University Advancement marie.verlingo [at] mcgill.ca (VERLINGO, Marie) Human Resources and Talent Management Manager 514-398-7104
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