Timothy E Kennedy, PhD

Timothy E Kennedy, PhD
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Timothy Kennedy’s laboratory is investigating the molecular mechanisms that direct neural development and how such mechanisms influence the organization and plasticity of the mature mammalian central nervous system. These studies aim to identify the biochemical signals that direct cells and axons to move, as well as the target-derived signals that instruct them to stop once they reach their goal and to make appropriate connections with neighboring cells.

Laboratory members are researching the cellular and molecular mechanisms that direct axon guidance, oligodendrocyte precursor migration, myelination, synapse formation and synaptic plasticity.

Selected publications: 

Lai Wing Sun K, Correia JP, Kennedy TE (2011) Netrins: versatile extracellular cues with diverse functions. Development, 138(11):2153-69.

Xu B, Goldman JS, Rymar VV, Forget C, Lo PS, Bull SJ, Vereker E, Barker PA, Trudeau LE, Sadikot AF, Kennedy TE. (2010) Critical Roles for the Netrin Receptor DCC in Dopaminergic Neuronal Precursor Migration, Axon Guidance, and Axon Arborization. Neuroscience. 169(2):932-49.

Rajasekharan S, Baker KA, Horn KE, Jarjour AA, Antel JP, Kennedy TE (2009) Netrin-1 and DCC Regulate Oligodendrocyte Process Branching and Membrane Extension via Fyn and RhoA. Development, 136:415-426.

Bélisle JM, Correia JP, Wiseman PW, Kennedy TE, Santiago Costantino (2008) Patterning protein concentration using laser-assisted adsorption by photobleaching, LAPAP. Lab on a Chip. 8(12): 2164-2167.

Jarjour AA, Bull SJ, Almasieh M, Rajasekharan S, Baker KA, Mui J, Antel JP, Di Polo A, Kennedy TE (2008) Maintenance of Axo-Oligodendroglial Paranodal Junctions Requires DCC and Netrin-1. Journal of Neuroscience. 28: 11003-11014.

Moore SW, Correia J, Lai Wing Sun K, Pool M, Fournier AE, and Kennedy TE. (2008) Rho Inhibition Recruits DCC to the Neuronal Plasma Membrane and Enhances Axon Chemoattraction to Netrin-1, Development, 135(17):2855-64.

Baker KA, Moore SW, Jarjour AA, and Kennedy TE (2006) When a diffusible axon guidance cue stops diffusing: Roles for netrins regulating adhesion and morphogenesis. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 16(5):529-534.

Shekarabi M, Moore SW, Tritsch NX, Morris SJ, Bouchard JF, Kennedy TE (2005). DCC binding netrin-1 mediates cell-substrate adhesion and recruits Cdc42, Rac1, Pak1, and N-WASP into an intracellular signaling complex that promotes growth cone expansion. Journal of Neuroscience. 25: 3132-3141.

Research areas: 
Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Neuroimmunological Diseases

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