cognitive neuroscience

Pandemic worriers shown to have impaired general cognitive abilities

Published: 1Dec2021

The impairments observed may explain poor decisions about COVID-prevention measures...

La Fondation Pour l’Audition awards Robert Zatorre its Grand Prix Scientifique

Published: 16Nov2021

Honour recognizes his research into asymmetric functioning of the brain for speech and music processing...

Uncovering the relationship between lifestyle, personality and brain structure

17 Aug 2021

“The most defining characteristic of humans is, in my opinion, the complexity of our social systems”

Brenda Milner turns 103

15 Jul 2021

Today is a special day for The Neuro and the world of neuroscience, as Brenda Milner is celebrating her 103rd birthday.

Robert Zatorre wins major international award

Published: 5Jun2020

C. L. de Carvalho-Heineken Prize recognizes his seminal work in the cognition of music...

The link between loneliness and HIV

19 May 2020

A study published by Dr. Lesley Fellows and her colleagues provides a portrait of loneliness linked to the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV.

Happy Birthday Brenda!

Published: 15Jul2018

Scientist Brenda Milner, born in 1918, pioneered memory research...

How HIV affects the brain

Published: 1Dec2016

Study tracks patients to better understand effects and possible treatments...

Stigma impairs cognition in men living with HIV

Published: 27Nov2018

Reducing stigma may address cognitive impairment in this population...


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