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Neural Circuits


The Neural Circuits group is a multidisciplinary unit whose investigators strive to understand the brain in terms of its function, development, plasticity, and possible mechanisms for its repair. Using a wide variety of approaches that span the range from molecular to whole-organism, the group is expanding our knowledge of key brain systems, including those that support sensory and motor activities, sleep-wake states, and memory.  Knowing the structures and processes by which these systems work will help to understand their dysfunction in healthy aging, as well as in neurological diseases such as motor disorders, sleep disorders, psychiatric disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Group Leader
Christopher Pack


The Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital is a McGill University research and teaching institute; delivering the highest quality of care to patients, as part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre. The Neuro is proud to be a Killam Institution, supported by the Killam Trusts.