Women scientists and clinicians are creators and changemakers, expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. Here are their stories.


Neuro XXceptional

Nguyen-Vi Mohamed is NeuroXXceptional

16 Apr 2018

Dr. Nguyen-Vi Mohamed, postdoctoral fellow at The Neuro, loves her work in the fascinating world of mini brains, miniature balls of human brain cells smaller than a pea.

Heidi McBride is Neuro XXceptional

8 Mar 2018

“The important thing is if you are interested and excited about something. If your heart beats faster doing it - you will succeed, there’s no doubt about it.”

Lesley Fellows is NeuroXXceptional

9 Feb 2018

"I am interested in complex problems and I’m impatient"

Birgit Frauscher: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Dr. Birgit Frauscher is an Austrian neurologist specializing in epilepsy and sleep medicine, who is an attending epileptologist and Associate Professor of Neurology at The Neuro.

Madeleine Sharp: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Dr. Madeleine Sharp is a neurologist specializing in movements disorders. Her research focuses on understanding the cognitive mechanisms that underlie the cognitive dysfunction in patients with...

Peroxisomes: the hybrid organelle

24 Feb 2017

Like the human body itself, cells have structures within them that perform special tasks. These cellular structures are called organelles, and discovering more about organelles is key to unlocking...

Portrait of a Pioneer: Brenda Milner’s 65-year Neuro legacy

2 May 2016

“Neuroscience is a great success story and the Neuro is part of that story."


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