Women scientists and clinicians are creators and changemakers, expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. Here are their stories.


Neuro XXceptional

Dr. Pappius receives Order of Canada

21 Nov 2019

One of The Neuro’s top neuroscientists has been recognized by the Governor General of Canada for her groundbreaking research.

To solve the problem of brain disease, make research openly available

11 Nov 2019

Open Science can unlock the potential of new technologies that are making detailed study of the brain possible like never before.

Celebrating 100 plus 1

18 Jul 2019

Eminent neuroscientist Brenda Milner has birthday party at The Neuro

Birgit Frauscher - NeuroXXceptional

18 Jun 2019

Dr. Birgit Frauscher is a neurologist and researcher specializing in epilepsy research and patient care at The Neuro. She is the winner of the 2019 Michael Prize for outstanding research in epilepsy.

An era of hope for ALS research

10 Jun 2019

The Neuro’s ALS clinical trials are at peak levels

NeuroXXceptional team of gardeners

6 Jun 2019

NeuroXXceptional team of students create a pollinator garden at The Neuro

Discovering the genes responsible for brain diseases

26 Apr 2019

Dr. Lan Xiong's main research objective is discovering the genes that influence the development of disorders such as schizophrenia and autism.

Anne-Louise Lafontaine – NeuroXXceptional clinical pioneer and patient advocate

4 Apr 2019

Dr. Anne Louise Lafontaine is Head of Neurology at the MUHC and Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at The Neuro.

Networking with the next generation

1 Apr 2019

Sixty female high school students from across Montreal met with women leaders in science and medicine at the NeuroXXceptional Speed Networking event


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