The Neuro’s Director, Dr. Guy Rouleau.

"Our new researchers are some of the best minds in neuroscience today. I am incredibly proud to call them Neuro researchers."

- Dr. Guy Rouleau, Director of The Neuro

I Choose The Neuro

David Rudko: I choose The Neuro

14 May 2018

“I’m studying how brain tissue structure changes in neurological diseases,” explains Rudko. “In terms of clinical work, my lab examines demyelinating disorders such as multiple sclerosis."

Stuart Trenholm: I choose The Neuro

14 May 2018

Trenholm's lab studies how neural connectivity enables us to see objects around us. His work could discover new ways to improve the vision of people who have lost their sight.

Adrien Peyrache: I choose The Neuro

14 May 2018

Adrien Peyrache is studying the cognitive processes that humans use to navigate in their environment. Losing this ability is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Philippe Huot: I choose The Neuro

14 May 2018

“My experience at The Neuro has been extremely positive. It’s a dynamic environment that thrives on both basic science and clinical research. Everything is put in place so that researchers can...

Bratislav Misic: I choose The Neuro

14 May 2018

Misic will use non-invasive neuroimaging to explain how the links and interactions among brain areas determine and affect our thinking and behaviour.

Thomas Durcan: I choose The Neuro

16 Apr 2018

Thomas Durcan came to The Neuro to be part of its new generation and its new vision. “It’s an exciting time to be here,” he says. “New researchers working with older researchers – it’s very...

Austen Milnerwood: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Austen Milnerwood’s research centers on cell biological, electrophysiological and optical investigation of neural development, connectivity, transmission and plasticity.

Nathan Spreng: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Nathan Spreng is studying how brain networks support various cognitive processes such as remembering information, and how we use this knowledge to influence our decisions.

Birgit Frauscher: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Dr. Birgit Frauscher is an Austrian neurologist specializing in epilepsy and sleep medicine, who is an attending epileptologist and Associate Professor of Neurology at The Neuro.


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