The Neuro’s Director, Dr. Guy Rouleau.

"Our new researchers are some of the best minds in neuroscience today. I am incredibly proud to call them Neuro researchers."

- Dr. Guy Rouleau, Director of The Neuro

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Discovering the genes responsible for brain disorders

26 Apr 2019

Dr. Lan Xiong's main research objective is discovering the genes that influence the development of disorders such as schizophrenia and autism

Applying mathematical models to the study of neurological disorders

26 Apr 2019

Yasser Iturria-Medina's focus is combining different sources of information about the brain to explain how the brain works and how to control the progression of neurological disorders.

Gary Armstrong: I choose The Neuro

1 Nov 2018

“I’m particularly interested in what’s going wrong at the cellular level in the spinal cord of patients with ALS. The better we can understand defects that arise there, the quicker we can advance...

Boris Bernhardt: I choose The Neuro

1 Nov 2018

Bernhardt uses epilepsy as a model for studying aspects of cognition in the hope of improving diagnostics and treatment. He is excited to be among the wave of newly hired young scientists bringing...

Christine Tardif: I choose The Neuro

31 Oct 2018

Tardif’s lab develops magnetic resonance imaging techniques to study the relationship between brain myelination and behaviour in health subjects and in various neurological disorders.

Roberto Diaz: I choose The Neuro

10 Oct 2018

Dr. Diaz’s laboratory is in the Brain Tumour Research Centre, where he will use molecular biology techniques to study how brain cancer cells develop and find ways to stop their growth without toxic...

Ziv Gan-Or: I choose The Neuro

22 Aug 2018

Dr. Gan-Or came to The Neuro as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Guy Rouleau and was appointed principal investigator in 2016. He is investigating REM sleep behavior disorder and Parkinson...

Julien Doyon: I choose The Neuro

15 Aug 2018

“I accepted the job because the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre is known worldwide for its imaging work,” says Julien Doyon, who completed his doctoral studies here in 1988 under the supervision of...

Jean-Baptiste Poline: I choose The Neuro

14 May 2018

Dr Poline is a leader and longtime member of several international organizations guiding neuroimaging and neuroinformatic developments, notably, the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating...


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The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) is a bilingual academic healthcare institution. We are a McGill research and teaching institute; delivering high-quality patient care, as part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre. We are proud to be a Killam Institution, supported by the Killam Trusts.




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