Neuro staff protecting The Neuro during COVID-19

From front line hospital staff and clinical teams to administrative units - everyone plays a role in protecting The Neuro and ensuring the best care for our patients.

Frontline workers at The Neuro during COVID19

Intensive Care Unit

ICU staff at The Neuro during COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected The Neuro’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) a great deal, but their team spirit and sense of community are helping them meet the challenge, says nurse manager Siva Moonsamy. "We have drawn a large rainbow in the middle of the ICU with a slogan in French to remind ourselves that it's going to be okay." #cavabienaller.

Staff are constantly being updated about the pandemic situation and the team has adapted to changing ways of delivering care to facilitate the work flow.

Help is also coming from outside. John Abbot College has donated gowns and N95 masks. A part-time nurse has volunteered his spare time to help fit the masks, which require that each worker has the right model, style and size. A retired nurse has returned to help, saying, "This is my second home and second family."

They also have a new nurse from Médecins sans frontières who recently finished her contract and called Moonsamy to see if they needed help.

“This is the beauty of The Neuro,” says Moonsamy. “The sense of belonging to this institution.”

Day Centre - A new safer routine

Hospital safe practising safe physical distancing during COVID19

Our outpatients rely on The Neuro’s Day Centre for important treatments for their conditions. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Day Centre quickly changed to a new, safer routine to maintain social distancing protocols by rearranging equipment and furniture in the treatment rooms, waiting rooms and patient-accessible areas. Despite the pandemic, the Day Centre continues to provide critical service to our patients.

Administration and Security - Safety starts at the front door

Staff at The Neuro who receive patients during COVID19 The measures put in place to stop COVID-19 start at the main entrance, where beginning in March everyone entering The Neuro has been screened for COVID-like symptoms. Security and staff evaluate people coming in for appointments and to work. They provide guidance on what to do if anyone shows signs of the virus.

Housekeeping team - Working hard

Housekeeping Unit at work during COVID19

"Our housekeeping team is a group of dedicated and hard-working people who go above and beyond duty each day to ensure a safe, clean environment, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. They walk in the door each morning with a smile on their face ready for the challenges that lie ahead of them. I am grateful to have such a hard-working team." - Anthony Menale, Section Manager, Housekeeping

Clinical Research Unit - New procedures, maintaining access to the latest treatments

Clinical Research Unit at work during COVID19

Even before the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in Quebec, the Clinical Research Unit was taking action. As government restrictions were implemented, the CRU adapted quickly and efficiently to ensure that essential activities for our patients could continue. Numerous procedures and guidelines were introduced, including a remote work policy, COVID-19 screening tools, office work schedules, employee sickness policy, and many sanitary measures to reduce the risk of transmission. CRU management scrutinized each subject visit to determine if assessments could be postponed, done remotely or could be done only on site. During the COVID-19 crisis, each staff member has played an important role to ensure the CRU is a safe place for staff and patients.

Neuro staff working remotely

Brain Tumour Program celebrates 25-year anniversary by ZOOM

Brain Tumour Group working remotely during COVID-19The Neuro's Brain Tumour Program and Brain Tumour Clinic began in 1995 with a neurosurgeon, a radio-oncologist and a secretary/receptionist. The Program and Clinic now include neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, a medical oncologist, neuropathology and neuroradiology specialists, two clinical nurse specialists, a dedicated rehabilitation specialist, a social worker, and two administrative assistants. Through their weekly Brain Tumour Clinic and Brain Tumour Board meetings, they ensure that our patients benefit from the most advanced treatment protocols and diagnostic and therapeutic technology methods. Their dedication and knowledge provides for the social and medical needs of our patients and their families even in the remotest parts of the Province. Staff look forward to the next 25 years with the same optimism that created the Program and Clinic.

Magnetic Resonance Studies Lab

MRS group working remotely during COVID19

Dr. Arnold's Magnetic Resonance Studies (MRS) Lab uses conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) and other advanced MRI techniques such as Magnetization Transfer Imaging (MTI) to gain a better understanding of the nature, evolution, and response to therapy of neurological disorders -- particularly multiple sclerosis (MS). Increasingly, the laboratory is focusing on the development and use of advanced image processing of MRI data in order to probe more deeply into the pathogenesis of disease and how this is affected by therapeutic interventions.

Finance and Administration Team

Finance and Administration Team at work during COVID19

Neuromedia Services

Neuromedia Services Neuromedia staff are part of The Neuro's Communications Team.  They have been working remotely, behind the scenes during the COVID-19 crisis - connecting with front lines clinical teams, preparing videos, graphics, and adapting to a new way of doing things. Their work is part of the Communications team efforts to to be an effective beacon for guiding staff and the public through a constantly changing pandemic environment.

Communications Team

Communications team working remotely during COVID19

The Neuro’s Communications team is a dynamic strategic group that works to promote The Neuro’s mission and vision through a 360° approach. The team, which includes Events and Neuro Media Services, meets remotely twice a week to discuss and align projects and resources.  The team is the central hub for all Neuro COVID-19 communications, ensuring that our community is informed and engaged.



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