Steering Committee

Alani, Sanah

Medical resident rep; OBGYN (Association of Residents of McGill)

Arora, Anish

PGSS student rep; PhD student, Family Medicine 

Colby, Diana

Director, Communications

Eidelman, David

VP-Dean (Chair of the Committee)

Gonnerman, Laura

Professional School rep; School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Marchionni, Caroline Clinical - CAS rep #1; Ingram School of Nursing


Graduate student rep

Marelli, Ariane

Clinical - CAS rep #2; Department of Medicine, Cardiology

Moss, Leah

Senior Advisor to VP-Dean

Robaire, Bernard

Basic Sciences & Tenure Track rep; Professor, Pharmacology & Therapeutics
and Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rompotinos, Denis

Undergraduate student rep; MSS President

Steering Committee Terms of Reference 

Steering Committee Minutes and Reports


Nominating Committee

Elected members of the Faculty Council (x 3 years)

Barnett, Tracie

Associate Professor, Family Medicine

Chen, John C.

Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology

Daniel, Sam

Professor, Pediatric Surgery & Otolaryngology


Elected member

Huston, Rebecca

Undergraduate student representative, SPOT

Appointed members by the Dean (x 2 years)
Anderson, Caitlin  PhD student, Human Genetics (student representative)

Crelinsten, Gordon

Physician representative; Associate Physician-in-Chief, MUHC

Drouin, Susan

Health Professions representative; Associate Professor, Ingram School of Nursing

Orlowski, John (Faculty Council Nominating Committee Chair)

Basic Scientist representative; Former Chair of the Department of Physiology

Dean's Office

Moss, Leah

Senior Advisor to the Dean (Secretary to the Committee)

Karkatsoulis, Angela

Academic Affairs Office (ex-officio member, as needed)

Nominating Committee Terms of Reference

Nominating Committee Reports

Committee for Medical Education Governance

Committee for Medical Education Governance Terms of Reference

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