Our Vision, Mission & Values

Female educator at a meeting

Healthier societies through education, discovery, collaboration and clinical care. 

Two young reserachers in a lab

To educate future and current health care professionals and scientists based on our commitment to excellence, social accountability and lifelong learning, together with the pursuit of novel research and clinical innovation, to improve the
health of individuals
and populations worldwide.

Doctor examining a baby

All we do is guided by our commitment to excellence and innovation, and our values of professionalism, which include:

Integrity and honesty
Respect and collaboration
Connectedness to our communities


The health-care professionals who are graduates and trainees of the Faculty will be well-prepared to address the present and future health needs of the Canadian population. They will be oriented to preserving health, technically competent, adept at solving problems, capable of functioning as part of a multi-disciplinary team and committed to life-long learning both for themselves and their patients. They will exhibit ethical behaviour and compassion in dealing with patients, restraint in using health resources, and an inquiring attitude towards the mechanisms of health and disease.

Lastly, our programmes are rooted in a scholarship of education designed to the development and implemention of modern pedagogical techniques.


The Faculty’s research programs contribute to the understanding of the basic mechanisms of health and disease. They develop and evaluate clinical interventions to address health care needs. The research emphasizes collaboration between basic and clinical sciences, and between members of our Faculty and researchers in other disciplines. The faculty encourages and supports outstanding research trainees and research training programs. Our research encompasses the scholarship of discovery and integration.


Members and trainees of the Faculty will provide exemplary, scientifically-based health services to the McGill target population and will participate actively in national and international professional organizations. Our stance encompasses a scholarship of application that aims to ensure that available and new knowledge are used to improve the care and well being of society.


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