Diversity Statement

The McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences defines human diversity as the sum total of all the ways in which human beings can vary from each other, including in their life experiences and social histories. We are a Faculty – composed of health professionals, educators, scientists, students and staff – that pursues excellence in all we do, and we believe diversity is a major contributor in carrying out this mission. It is through a diverse Faculty constituency that we are best able to serve our communities and society, in scholarship, research and clinical care. We reject all forms of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual preference, or socioeconomic origins.

We aim to be accessible to all persons, including individuals with disabilities. We recognize that there are populations excluded from equal opportunities in our society, and we are socially responsible to build fairer, more equitable systems. We seek to identify and remove barriers to meaningful participation in our merit-based systems of excellence that may be experienced by any persons. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences endeavours to reach out to and recruit from all communities, and to provide learning, administrative, research and clinical care environments that are welcoming and supportive to all.

Literature supporting Diversity definition (AAMC definition)

AAMC Group on Diversity and Inclusion

M Young, S Razack, M Hanson, S Slade, L Varpio, K Dore, D McKnight: Calling for a Broader Conceptualization of Diversity: Surface and Deep Diversity in Four Canadian Medical Schools.  Academic Medicine, 87 (11):1501-10, November 2012.



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