Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Among the values of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are respect, openness and connectedness to communities we serve. These values guide us in the Faculty’s mission to teach, conduct research and provide evidence-based healthcare. Racism in all of its manifestations runs contrary to these values and has no place in the Faculty. Working through the Social Accountability and Community Engagement (SACE) Office, the Faculty is pleased to advance an Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism, which includes specific actions, targets and timelines. This plan was developed in consultation with Faculty community stakeholders including students, faculty and staff. The Plan is a living document and input is always welcome. More importantly, you are encouraged to engage with the Plan by contacting the SACE Office to see what you can do as a faculty member, student or staff.

The Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism is available on the SACE website.

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